How to Flirt with a Girl over Text Chat

Flirting in modern times seems like a lost art. Guys still flirt with the ladies but chicks from this generation are a lot different than their older peers. Still, knowing how to flirt must be mastered by a guy if he wants some success with the honeys. Keep reading to learn how you can flirt with a girl.

General Rules about How to Flirt with a Girl

When you want to pick a girl up you must know how to seduce her. Yes, being flirtatious is a form of seduction. Men, you cannot try to seduce a girl by acting like a senseless brute. True enough, a girl might not mind this behavior. However, most do not want this type of interaction.

The modern-day millennial cutie pies have a different view of males. They no longer are into chivalry, they could care less about overtly macho behavior and they do not care about a man’s power, position, status, his muscles, car or his finances.

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While softer sex does not totally dismiss these male characteristics; they just don’t value them as they did in the past. Modern-day millennials want vulnerable men. They want men to recognize that they are equal. They also want the fellas to realize that they are on the hunt for them and not the other way around.

The modern dating landscape has also been changed by social media and texting. We’ll get more into the technology side of modern dating in a moment. The main thing for men to remember is that the old ways of flirtatious behavior are fading quickly. A guy must adapt to be effective at getting a liberated and feminized girl to respond.

Body Language is Still Important for People who Flirt

The art of being flirtatious still requires the use of a person’s body language. Guys, when you approach a chick you must be a dude but do so with caution. Get her attention by using inviting expressions and gestures. Don’t stare too long at her body parts or her face.

Don’t walk up to her and give her a look like she already belongs to you. Don’t do foolish things like purposely bump into a girl just to start a conversation. You should definitely stay out of her personal space; unless she invites you in it.

Here is a final warning about what not do when seducing a girl; never touch her anywhere. You don’t know how a girl will respond and a situation can get bad very quickly. Remember, babes today are hypersensitive to any male taking any type of action that they view as aggressive.

When you flirt, make sure you give her a warm smile. Use your eyes in an inviting way. Be playful with how you look at her. Approach her like a man but don’t be too aggressive with your movement. Let her know that you do want her but balance its vulnerability. She needs to feel in control.

You cannot allow your body language betray you by getting upset or angry if she doesn’t accept your advances. Just accept that she does not want you and move on to the next person. Sooner or later an interest that you desire will respond.

The Reality of Online Dating

Social media and texting have changed romantic interactions. Guys, you must know how to flirt with a girl by text. You must also know how to flirt with a girl on chat. Modern girls pay attention to how you interact with them through chat, text and social media.

As you are learning how to flirt with a girl over text, use your good judgment. Send her a simple message that is warm, friendly and/or witty. Don’t overdo it by sending too many messages. You should send her at least once every three days. To do more is setting yourself up for failure.

Why? A girl doesn’t want to feel like she is being stalked. She wants space to do her own thing. She does not want to feel obligated or caught up with one person. Be wise and give a female this freedom. Next, make sure you flirt with her in an appropriate way.

Don’t send her nude photos or dirty messages. On the other hand, you don’t want to go overboard with the sentimental stuff. Just keep it simple, effective and in good taste. If a babe wants you to approach her in a different way she will let you know. Ultimately, you should flirt but be careful in your approach.